The MRF application is NOW CLOSED 

The application DEADLINE was  Friday, Sept 4, 2020, at midnight Pacific Time.


Once you have submitted your completed application for a Mistletoe Research Fellowshipexpect to hear decision via

email by the end of September. Acceptance is contingent on employment/enrollment/visa verification with your university.

 In typical program years, Research Fellows are assigned to an Area of Collaboration aligned with one of three social

impact agendas: Civil Society, Autonomy & Mobility, and Sustainability.  Areas function as both a smaller learning

community and as a program orientation group. Sustainability focuses on environmental sustainability and conservation.  

Autonomy & Mobility focuses on energy, off-grid solutions, and geographic mobility. Civil Society focuses on health

and medical tech, assistive tech, and disaster relief. Area preferences are taken into consideration during the application

process but final assignments are made by the Foundation.

In typical program years, new fellows in each Area of Collaboration attend one of three "Global Match Workshops"

to onboard and 'match' to an MRF Team. Previous Global Match Workshops were held in Tokyo, Singapore, and Silicon Valley. 

In the 2020 progrram year, Mistletoe Research Fellows will join a combined learning community and will

onboard to the program at a single Virtual Match Workshop held between October 16-19, 2020.


Note to our Community: We apologize for the significant delay in our 2020 fellowship application cycle. We are a small foundation

and are grateful to you for your patience, understanding, and unflagging enthusiasm and support for our mission! In an uncertain

economic climate, we believe it is more critical than ever to invest in the professional development and research support of

early-career academics. Thus, while the Momental Foundation has been deeply impacted by COVID-19 we have overcome

significant challenge to adjust our programming in order to continue to sustain this important funding opportunity.


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