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The Momental Foundation builds partnerships with many organizations at the intersection of science/technology/social enterprise, including nonprofits, accelerators, VC firms,

businesses serving the hardware comunity, and stakeholders from government and multilateral institutions, and foundations and corporations interested in sponsoring our activities and reaching our unique audience of founders, scientists, and changemakers.

Please reach out to us if you may be interested in: 

  • Doing a live webinar and 'fireside chat' to share your mission and/or expertise with our community        of scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and changemakers.

  • Recommending startups for inclusion in our MRF Startup Collaboration Program

  • Investing in startups that were accepted to the MRF Startup Collaboration Program

  • Hiring Mistletoe Research Fellows for your startup or organization once they have completed            their postdoc or PhD program.

  • Offering your business services to our community through our Trusted Partner program

  • Supporting the growth of our Unfettered Grant and Startup Collaboration Programs

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