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At Momental Foundation, we bring together people with the lofty ambition of

addressing the problems humanity faces in the near and long-term future.

Changemakers, ecosystem builders, deep tech and impact investors, we invite you 

to advance our mission of building bridges across the entrepreneurship, academic,

and civil communities to create a more human-centered and

sustainable future through technology.


Jaclyn Selby

Executive Director and CEO

Momental Foundation


MomentalCon is a one day small in-person conference event featuring provocative panel discussions, deep networking, and a hardware & biotech startup showcase that puts the spotlight on 10 venture-backed frontier tech founders with social impact missions


Join us to build partnership around: impact investment, deep tech / frontier tech innovation, and tech for good.

After years of Zoom meetings, come and join us in person to reconnect with others in the space. This is not a demo day. This is intimate event is focused

on purposeful connection around tech for good.


Your ticket includes a full day of delicious food and drink including a sit-down Moroccan lunch buffet catered by Domenico Winery. At our extended networking Happy Hour please enjoy passed Hors d'oeuvres, wine, and beer from 5:00pm-6:30pm

To keep the event accessible and inclusive,

over 50% of the cost of each ticket has been subsidized.


All attendees must verify their covid vaccine status.

The venue features 30 foot high ceilings to maximize ventilation. Hand sanitizer and

Kn95 masks are available on site.


Skip the line at the door.  Verify your vaccine status here:






8:30 am - 9:00 am 

9:00 am - 9:15 am 


9:15  am - 10:15 am 




10:15 am - 10:25 am

10:25 am - 11:20 am

11:25  am - 12:30 pm



12:30 pm -  1:30  pm

1:30  pm -  2:25 pm

2:30  pm - 3:30  pm











3:30  pm - 3:50 pm

3:50  pm - 5:00pm

5:00  pm - 6:30pm

Registration Opens and Light Breakfast 


Keynote / Welcome

Jackie Selby, Executive Director, Momental Foundation

Hardware (is Still) Hard: Supporting Deep Tech Hardware and Biotech Founders in Uncertain Times


Tech Founders + Academic Scientists: Co-Learning Lessons from
Momental Foundation's  Radical "MRF" Accelerator




Funding Without Equity?! Why Non-Dilutive Funding Should Be

Part of Every VC Toolkit


Buffet Lunch

Fireside Chat: Failure is For Everyone


MomentalCon Showcase: Hardware and Biotech Startups

With Social Impact




Break 2

STEM Exodus: Why Scientists Are Quitting and Entrepreneurs
Should Care




Happy Hour:  Appetizers, Wine, Beer and Networking

Greg has spent the last 20 years in China and Silicon Valley, manufacturing products for hardware startups with his company, Berkeley Sourcing Group. He also led the global hardware startup community, Hardware Massive.

Greg Fisher

COO, Optio

Co-Founder, Hardware Massive


Jesse Rosalia is the co-founder and CEO of Bommer. He has over 20 years experience in software development and architecture, including more 6 years focused on building better documentation tools for hardware developers.

Jesse Rosalia

Co-Founder, Bommer Inc

Jesse Rosalia - headshot.jpeg

Ryan supports hardware startups through early development. He helps startups improve their products and processes while growing the engineering team. Ryan co-authored The Hardware Startup and leads the San Francisco Hardware Meetup

Ryan Vinyard

Ryan Vinyard Product Development

Author, The Hardware Startup


At Synapse we work to transform businesses by developing new technologies and products. Anne is a seasoned hardware development engineering leader with over two decades of experience creating complex technical products.

Ann Torres

SVP Engineering, Synapse

SF Managing Director


Sam Ruben is an  innovator, entrepreneur, and a co-founder at Mighty Buildings, a construction technology company using 3D printing, new composite materials, and robotics to sustainably unlock productivity in construction. 

Sam Ruben

Co-Founder, Mighty Buildings

MRF Alumni Startup Fellow

Sam Ruben headshot.jpg

Dr. Peng Peng is a postdoctoral researcher and licensed professional engineer at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. His research focuses on sustainable energy storage and waste utilization.

Peng Peng

Researcher, Berkeley Lab

MRF Alumni Research Fellow

peng peng.jfif

Catherine is a technologist and an entrepreneur. As the CEO of Blumio, a medical devices startup building a wearable blood pressure sensor, she is transforming management of heart health using sensors, AI, and big data

Catherine Liao

Co-Founder & CEO, Blumio

MRF Alumni Startup Fellow

Catherine Liao headshot.jpg

Lindsay’s work focuses on studying the effects of psychedelics and related compounds, including their potential for treating neuropsychiatric disorders like depression, PTSD and addiction.

Lindsay Cameron

Postdoc, Malenka & Deisseroth Labs

MRF Alumni Research Fellow

Lindsay Cameron headshot.jpg

Matt leads two teams at SVB: Climate Tech & Sustainability + Hardware & Deep Tech. This portfolio includes 1,000+ companies  in the following sectors: Transportation, Industrials, Aerospace, \Energy, Agriculture and Hardware Infrastructure. 

Matt Trotter

Head of Deep Tech & Climate Change

Silicon Valley Bank


Heather Richman is a  corporate development and strategy expert with a focus on national security, technology, and investment. She has a diverse background including time spent on Capitol Hill, at Stanford University, and in the national security innovation sector.

Heather Jo Richman


Defense Investor Network


As a go-to-market expert, Enzo Njoo has over 10 years experience in launching hundreds of brands across the industry. From smart home devices to electric mobility vehicles, Enzo has helped raise over $500M in venture capital funding and sales.  

Enzo Njoo

Head of Sales (former)



Paul Bunje is the co-founder of Conservation X Labs, a company that brings technology and entrepreneurship to conservation. Paul was formerly the Chief Scientist at the XPRIZE Foundation.

Paul Bunje

COO, Conservation X Labs

Chief Scientist (former),  

XPRIZE Foundation

Paul Bunje headshot.jpg

Taizo Son is the President, Chief Executive Officer, and Founder of Mistletoe, Inc, a Collective Impact Community that advocates a new style of business through startup support, supporting entrepreneurs solving social challenges.

Taizo Son


Mistletoe, Inc


Facilitated Serendipity as a Service. Optimist, activist, investor.

Claire Lee headshot.jpg

Claire Bonus Lee


Mother Funder, LLC

Scientist entrepreneur building a startup ecosystem at UC Berkeley to help grad students and postdocs translate their research to startup. Host of the podcast "Lab to Startup".

Naresh Sunkara

Host, Lab to Startup Podcast

Co-Founder, Berkeley Science Fellows


Emily's work spans academic, philanthropic, and private-sector settings;  Support for my peer-reviewed research has been provided by the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health and the Fulbright Association.

Emily Anne McDonald

Head, Strategic Research & Eval


A scientist by training in biophysics, structural biology and rational drug design, Dr. Patera loves to be at the intersection between scientists and the public. She has forged a career in support of academic research by brokering partnerships that enable research, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Sacha Patera

Industry Engagement

Princeton University

Sacha Patera headshot.jpg

Catering by Domenico Winery


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Registration will be available throughout the day

Stephanie is a career educator with over 20 years’ experience developing curriculum, building partnerships with diverse  partners, and providing inclusive and holistic support across all disciplines. Their career spans four universities

Stephanie Eberle

Chair, National Postdoc Assoc

Exec Director, Stanford Biosciences

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