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 At this time, the University of California - Davis is no longer a Momental Foundation partner. While this does not preclude future participation, it is with genuine regret that we cannot accept applications from UC-Davis to the Mistletoe Research Fellowship this application cycle.


 The Momental Foundation received a large number of excellent applications from UC-Davis to our fellowship in 2018 and 2019 and we are proud to count several of them amongst our fellowship alumni.

However, each university participating in the Mistletoe Research Fellowship must agree to the same core terms, particularly around intellectual property, as all our other partner universities. Postdocs and PhD candidates participating in our programs are university employees whose research efforts fall under the jurisdiction of their institution's intellectual property policies. Therefore, it is necessary for the university institutions that employ our Research Fellows to agree that the ideas they contribute when participating in the MRF Startup Collaboration will not result in a university claim on the intellectual property of the humanitarian startups that participate in our MRF Startup Collaboration. This is necessary  even when the collaboration is entirely remote and extracurricular, and even when it involves no physical engineering or use of any of the university's physical resources - as is the case with the Mistletoe Research fellowship. 


The Momental Foundation deeply respects our university partners, whether large or small, public or private. We take great care to ensure their policies are honored by all participants in our MRF Startup Collaboration. However, we are unable to make modifications to our fellowship agreement with any particular university that alter the core terms that all partners agree to.

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